The Skillet

Charlie’s Boy

Double Greenchile Cheeseburger on Charlie’s Tortilla, Crispy Cheese, Spicy Pickles, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onions
619 12th St, Las Vegas

Chef Isaac Sandoval

Isaac Sandoval was born and raised in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Son of Charlie and Elizabeth Sandoval, owners of Charlie’s Bakery and Cafe (Spic and Span), Isaac worked many years in the restaurant growing up in the industry. In 2012, Sandoval graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts in Sculpture from Fort Hays State University in Hays Kansas. While studying, he cast a 300 lb functional cast iron skillet which was one part performance art one part cooking experience. In 2013, he and his wife, Shawna, opened The Skillet: Rolling Kitchen and Catering, a food truck out of a 1976 Airstream Argosy that they built and operated for 3 years. In 2017 They opened The Skillet brick and mortar restaurant. By creating site-specific artworks for the restaurant, The Skillet was designed to give the visitor a fully immersive art experience by stimulating all the senses. Sandoval strives to create fun and contemporary New Mexican cuisine for Las Vegas.