The Acre Restaurant

The Acre Burger

Beet, Black Bean and Quinoa Burger with local cheddar, avocado, and green chile

4410 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque

Chef Shawn Weed

A former private chef in New York, The Acre’s Owner and Executive Chef Shawn Weed relocated to New Mexico to run multi-million dollar food operations for universities, casinos, and restaurants. At The Acre, Chef combines his nostalgia for his midwestern upbringing and summers spent on his grandparent’s farm with his passion for eating real food made from local, seasonal, organic ingredients. The result is a scratch-kitchen producing “comfort vegetarian”. The Acre’s seasonal plant-based dining features local products, vegetarian and vegan menus, local craft brews, craft sodas, sustainably-produced wines, and just plain good hearty comfort food.